Lord of the Rings in Iceland! An exclusive day tour...

Lord of the Rings in Iceland! An exclusive day tour...

Are you a thrill seeker? Then this one is definitely for you! LUXURY TRAVEL BUTLER would like to suggest you a one-day Icelandic experience that will take you to waterfalls, volcanoes…and lobster! And relax: no need to walk all the time. With a modified luxury super jeep, you will cross many unbridged glacier rivers and drive on the rough mountain roads. Your first stop is Hvolsvollur…

Hvolsvollur is a small town in the south of Iceland, just about 100 km to the east of Reykjavík, with 800 inhabitants or so. The area is the scene of one of the most famous sagas of Iceland, Njál's saga. From there, you will head for Gigjokull, the glacier at the back of Eyjafjallajokull. Also on the program: Stakkholtsgja! Stakkholtsgja? Yes indeed: that’s a very beautiful and narrow canyon with high cliffs.

You will hike into this amazingly beautiful canyon that has inspired J.R. Tolkien when he wrote ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Stakkholtsgja is near the entrance to Thorsmork nature reserve, which is definitely also a must-see.

Walking behind the waterfall

One of the highlights of the day is certainly Seljalandsfoss: one of the most famous waterfalls of Iceland. The water falls 60 metres over the cliffs of the former coastline. Don’t just take pictures from a distance, but also take some time to walk behind Seljalandsfoss and remember the fascinating sound of this waterfall forever.

After lunch in ‘The LavaGrill’ in the Husadalur valley, your super jeep will take you to the helicopter for a thrilling heliflight over the crater of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

What an experience! Afterwards, you will land on the new lava field in Fimmvorduhals, which was formed following the 2010 eruption. The helicopter can then take you back to Reykjavik.

Lobster soup

However, you’d better ask the pilot to make a stop first at restaurant ‘Vid Fjorubordid’ in the Icelandic village of Stokkseyri, a small fishing town on the shores of the Atlantic ocean, just 60 km from the capital. From this magical place (of which the translation into English is ‘At the seashore’), you have a beautiful view on vulcanoes, on the ocean and on the endless hayfields. The restaurant is famous for giant lobster (they serve 15 tons a year!). 

Don’t leave without trying the lobster soup, followed by the signature dish of ‘Vid Fjorubordid’: lobster fried in garlic, butter and secret spice mixes, served with trimmings and potatoes.

So, ready for a taste of Iceland?

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